Lead Game Designer - Mobile

Game Design
04-11-2021 03:05 PM
With a profile that combines creative and analytical skills, the Lead Game Designer is responsible for designing, implementing and constantly refining game systems that will keep our players engaged for years to come. Passionate about free-to-play mobile games, the candidate must have great ambition to create the mobile games of tomorrow, today.

Features Design: 
•    Fully understand the types of players targeted as well as their motivations, and the impact on the emotions and psychology of different features
•    Have an excellent understanding of the target market segment; keep active watch on direct or indirect competitors
•    Design innovative game features, which balance accessibility and depth in order to keep the player engaged for several years; ensure that these features are viable for the business while providing an exciting experience for the player.
•    Write clear and concise design documents that explain in detail the designed features (goals, baselines, operation, specifications, etc.)
•    Collaborate with the art team so that the mechanisms have a visual and a theme that respect and enrich the thematic of the game
•    Supervise the implementation of these features and work with other teams to ensure excellent quality of execution
•    Monitor in-game economics and feature balance and iterate over them with BI feedback
•    Regularly revisit existing systems and their implementation to ensure their quality and performance
•    Guarantee an excellent player experience ("player journey")

Process & Management:
•    Maximize the work methodology, as well as the processes used.
•    Set up design pipelines, ensure that they are respected and proactively improve them
•    Plan and assign tasks to members of the design team, ensure delivery of features on time and their quality
•    Coach design team members, give them feedback on their work and work with them to grow professionally
experience and qualities required.
•    Degree in Game Design or related experience
•    A minimum of 6 years of experience in the video game industry
•    Experience in free-to-play, with several published mobile games
•    Organized and structured 
•    Ability to understand all game systems holistically
•    Attention to detail and quality
•    Experience in planning and managing a project is a plus
•    Working knowledge of Unity is a plus

Interpersonal qualities
•    Excellent ability to communicate a vision, coach and mobilize a team
•    Excellent writing skills and presentation of ideas in a synthetic and structured manner
•    Able to maintain a high level of communication with other departments (technical, UX, art, etc.)

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