Senior Graphics/Engine Programmer

WFH or Germany
Programming and Development
21-06-2022 11:42 AM
Job Preferences:
  • Would prefer to work on inhouse tech, not so keen on 3rd party engines. Somewhere he can go deeper into technology.
  • Prefers console development
  • Likes the idea of a small indie team. Would consider a generalist position at a smaller company.
  • Has lead experience but would prefer a hands on engineering position. 
  • Ideally a studio with their own tech/engine or a company that wants to create their own engine tech or a company that wants to create their own mobile tech on a native engine/platform.
Strengths: Profiling, performance, optimization, graphics programming, low-level 3D APIs like DX12/Vulkan/consoles 
Notice Period: Immediately available

Kieran Curtis

Recruiter - Programming Desk

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