Katie Jones

Recruiter - Console/PC Programming Desk

+44 (0)203 286 9543

Meet Katie, the undisputed Queen of Recruiting, reigning over the realm of game programmers for nearly a decade. Donned with the title "Candidate Queen," her prowess in global recruitment is legendary. But little do her colleagues know, she's not just a queen in the professional domain; she once crossed paths with the actual queen herself. 

Beyond her recruiting duties, Katie's passion lies in the thrilling world of gaming. Her days are a symphony of conversations with programmers, diving deep into the coding cosmos. Yet, when the weekend sun sets, she transforms into a mixologist maestro, conjuring up cocktails that could rival the potions of a sorceress. Paired with her significant other, they embark on gaming adventures that would make any virtual kingdom envious.

Favourite games include: Zelda TOTK and BOTW, The Sims, Theme Hospital and currently playing Baldur’s Gate 3 and Hogwarts Legacy.