Celebrating 8 years & a big thank you.

Every journey has a beginning, and we want to reflect on the steps taken to get to where we are today, and pay homage to our humble beginnings which began 8 years ago, on the 29th February, 2016.  It makes it all the more special considering we only get this date every 4 years due to it being a leap year!

First steps can often be the hardest, and that can be said for InGame's too, as it was a slow and gruelling process just getting into the shallow waters of the industry. However, over at InGame we eventually found our feet in the industry, due to a well-crafted and working recipe that allowed us to do so.

Firstly, our values; we abide by a set of specific values as a company and whenever we are making a new connection, be it employees, candidates, even our clients. Our values are so integral to how we function as a company, friends, and partners, which is why the first value to have, is Integrity; maintaining a healthy and genuine relationship with people is incredibly crucial and starts by being authentic, open, and honest. Being Dynamic is another, solution driven with a fast proactive agile approach - this one can be a real game-changer when operating in a team setting. Accountability gives people the autonomy and ownership of their respective field. Lastly, is staying Committed (this one speaks for itself) and we certainly wouldn’t be here today without it.

Secondly, we trust our own data. Often, recruiters will rely on 3rd party tools such as LinkedIn to fish out their candidates. Whilst this method of recruitment can yield results, when compared to methods like ours that go that extra mile, there is quite the contrast in the quality and speed of service. To back this up, in the last 8 years, over 60% of our candidates that have been placed, were identified through our internal data which is a feat that sets us apart. This is why we make it of high importance to dedicate a lot of time, money, and care towards maintaining our database and network.

Thirdly, the InGame Team, we could not have done this without the help of those out there on the frontlines, Toby Dunn, Mark Hope, Saifur Siddique, Theona Ciocirlan, Dan Honey, ⭐Katie Jones⭐, Corey Hall…and all the team past and present for making the connections and landing the jobs for all the amazing talent that we work with. Thank you to all those who have been a part of this journey with us so far.

Whilst we acknowledge the video games industry is going through a tough period, we at InGame Recruitment have started another year off busy, profitable with new clients and new jobs. If you are a client in need of recruitment support, a jobseeker looking for your next opportunity, or you feel you share our values of Integrity, Dynamism, Accountability, Commitment and interested in joining the InGame team, please get in touch.

Here’s to even more years working with our incredible colleagues, candidates, and clientele.

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